Webinar: Commercial Maritime Offer


The maritime industry is facing an unavoidable transition to a more sustainable use of power driven by both customers and stricter legislative demands. Today’s emissions must be reduced dramatically to meet tough new targets. Given the long service life of new builds the industry is beginning to realize that the transition cannot wait. I must start now. In May this year, the construction of two fuel-cell ferries in norway, running on pure hydrogen and to be operated for 15 years, was put out to tender. That is what we call courage!

At PowerCell Sweden we are ready to take on the challenge. We have developed the Marine System 200, an industrialized high-power fuel cell module that can be connected in parallel to provide power in the megawatt range. And it is available today, ready for integration in your application. On June 30th we will host a webinar where we will present our offer in more detail. And not only that. Our experts will be also available to answer your own questions about our zero emissions hydrogen-electric technology! All you have to do is to submit them at webinar@powercell.se latest June 14th .

See you on June 30th

Follow this link for the livestream